Lincoln, Vietnam & Korean War Memorials

Lincoln Memorial Field Trip

Lincoln Memorial

These three memorials are grouped together at the end of the reflecting pool opposite the Washington Monument and WW II Memorial. Don’t just see these memorials, but understand how they mark significant events in our nation’s history with your Sonshine tour guide.

Lincoln Memorial

Abraham Lincoln was our nation’s first Republican President. He led our nation through its darkest period as brother fought brother over whether this nation would continue to tolerate the practice of slavery.

Stand where Martin Luther King Jr. gave his famous “I Have a Dream” speech and where Marian Anderson, a black contralto, performed for 75,000 in 1939 after the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) refused to allow her to perform to an integrated audience in Constitution Hall.

Veitnam Memorial

Vietnam Memorial

Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial

Your students will forever remember the Vietnam Memorial as they stroll along the 493.75 foot long, polished black granite wall with the names of the 58,209 service men and women who lost their lives serving our country in Vietnam.

Ask your Sonshine tour guide to point out the name of Michael Blassie and tell his fascinating story.

The Korean War Memorial

The Korean War Memorial

Korean War Veterans’ Memorial

War World II was barely over when we found ourselves again involved in a bloody struggle for the freedom of others.

Your Sonshine Tour guide will assist your group in understanding this amazing memorial. Your students will examine the faces of the 19 statues that make up this memorial to understand the hardship which these men endured.

President Clinton said at the dedication of this memorial in honor of those who fought and the 36, 940 Americans who lost their lives:

“We honor you today because you did answer the call to defend a country you never knew, and a people you never met. They are good people. It’s a good country. And the world is better because of you.”

President Clinton also emphasized during his speech that “Freedom Is Not Free” as is permanently engraved in granite at the point of this memorial.

Korean War Memorial: Freedom is not Free

Korean War Memorial: Freedom is not Free

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