Why College Tours Are Important

As we head into the spring, many college juniors and seniors are contemplating which college they want to attend in the fall. Touring colleges is important for a number of reasons, and you can be a big help as their teacher. Continue reading to learn some of the items that play a crucial role in visiting college campuses and contact Sonshine Educational Tours to book your educational travel today.

Nothing Beats Experience

There are so many options to explore college campuses in our digital age, but there is something about being physically present that can’t be replicated in an online experience. Pictures and text cannot provide the full experience of a campus visit. Your students can talk with current students, read the student newspaper, observe classes, and get a feel for the vibe of the campus. Additionally, they will want to check out the surrounding environment of the city or town where the college is located. By exploring the area, they will have a much better idea if it offers the types of things that they are interested in.

Determine the Distance

It’s one thing to say that a five-hour car ride is the same as a five-hour plane trip. It’s another thing to experience the actual distance from close friends and family. Many students choose to attend a college close to their home because of the significantly reduced tuition at public universities. Another appealing reason to stay close to home is the prospect of a home-cooked meal, free laundry, and the comfort that family can provide. Encourage your students to join you in traveling to several college campuses to truly experience how far they are from home so that they can better evaluate what distance means to them.

Take Two Tours

When you are taking your students on an educational travel tour to colleges, it’s important to take two tours. One of the tours should be the official tour that the college provides, while the other should be a self-guided tour. The college tour is a great opportunity to ask questions, learn about social outlets on campus, and funny stories about the school’s history, but it will likely only provide a surface experience of the campus.

Once the official tour is over, take your students on a self-guided tour and engage current college students in conversation about their school. Get their opinions on some of their favorite and least favorite aspects of their school. The more information your students can gather, the better they will be able to make an informed decision.

At Sonshine Educational Tours, we know that educational travel is critical in the lives of your students. We want to help teachers provide these valuable learning experiences to their students by taking the hassle and work out of planning. When you book educational travel with us, we manage the details so that you can enjoy the trip with your students. If you have students who are contemplating which college they will be attending in the next year or two, then give us a call and let us help you plan the best trip yet!