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When you tour a historical site such as Washington, DC you want a tour guide that knows relevant and fun information about the buildings and monuments. You want a Washington, DC tour guide that is knowledgeable, experienced, and professional. Sonshine educational tours has been providing students and teachers with professionally guided trips to Washington, DC for over 25 years. They are members of the Guild of Professional Tour Guides of Washington, DC. Their guides know each historical building, monument, and document in Washington, DC. They are prepared with relevant facts, information, and stories about the history, background, and current events. They make your Washington, DC field trip fun, educational, informative, and meaningful.


Pick a Professional DC Tour Guide

To ensure that you select a professional tour guide pick a Washington, DC tour guide that is a member of the Guild of Professional Tour Guides of Washington, DC. This organization is comprised of licensed professional tour guides. They receive ongoing education, technique training, and guiding skills that enable them to provide the most knowledgeable and enjoyable tour. Sonshine Educational Tours are active members that know how to get around the city to maximize your experience and minimize wasted time. They customize your Washington, DC trip itinerary to suit your group interests while providing insight and interesting stories as they relate to people, places, and time. They ensure that you have a fun and meaningful trip to Washington, DC.


Choose a Flexible DC Tour Guide

You also want to ensure that you pick a tour guide for your DC trip that is flexible in various situations. The DC tour guide should be flexible, patient, and prepared I the event that there is a sudden weather change, hotel mishap, or other situation in which your guide can assist your group in fluidly making the proper changes to your itinerary for a pleasant trip and enjoyable experience. Sonshine Tours guides are passionate and eager to help you and your group have the best possible Washington, DC adventure. To inquire about booking a Washington, DC Tour with Sonshine Tours, please call (800) 247-2590 or complete the tour request form online.

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