Living History: Timucua Indian, Spanish Fort Mose, “Florida Cracker” Pioneer, & Archaeological Dig Programs

Candle making

Candlemaking with the Spaniards

Sonshine Educational Tours highly recommends a visit to this living history museum!  These villages will transport your students back to each of the the significant periods of St. Augustine’s history through many “hands on”  learning experiences.

At the Timucua Indian village, you’ll play games the Timucuan Indians played, and learn how to make a dugout canoe and  shell jewelry.

At  Spanish Fort Mose, your students will  play colonial games, learn candlemaking, ropemaking, corn grinding, woodworking, weaving, and fence building.

At “Florida Cracker” Pioneer village, visitors will write with quill pens, play old time games, learn cotton combing, and use a sewing hornbook.

The Archaeological Dig Educational Program teaches you to search for artifacts and ecofacts in a mock dig, and also how to clean, measure and categorize objects.

These villages will make history “come alive” and provide your students with opportunities to engage in satisfying, meaningful activities forgotten in our modern world.

Customized Saint Augustine tours can also include:

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