The Educational Value of Field Trips

Students who have been exposed to a wide variety of experiences tend to do better socially, academically, and emotionally. The opportunity to walk in the shoes of those who have gone before them presents the ability to view the world beyond their own narrow scope. As your students learn about different aspects of the world around them, you will be amazed to see the value that a school field trip has to offer. In today’s post, we’ll take a look at the educational value your students can get from going on a school field trip.

At Sonshine Educational Tours, we love taking different groups of students on field trips to numerous locations in Florida, Washington D.C., and more. If you have ever considered taking your class on a school field trip to our nation’s capital, St. Augustine, or another historically-rich location, then please contact our educational travel company to learn how we can take care of the details and make your trip smooth and enjoyable.

1. Socio-Emotional Growth

When you stay with the same group of people throughout your day the way that students do, it can become easier to lose a sense of empathy or tolerance for those who are different. School field trips help to keep their eyes open to the many different people around them, which increases their socio-emotional growth.

For example, if you take your students to an art museum, then they are more likely to increase their ability to empathize, their tolerance of others, and their critical thinking skills. The study of art helps your students to think about topics and themes from different perspectives, which is a critical skill to develop as they move toward becoming an adult.

2. Academically Stimulating

One of the best ways that most students learn is through field trips and hands-on learning. While some students will be able to read a textbook and understand the material with ease, most students do better when they can visualize and work with the topic. In science, for example, performing a lab that teaches the difference between volume and density will probably be much more effective than reading an entire chapter on these two concepts.

As your students participate in activities on their school field trip, you will hopefully see lots of light bulbs going on over their heads as they begin to truly grasp concepts that you’ve been trying to teach in the classroom. They should be able to take this new found knowledge back to school and perform better on tests and homework with their deeper understanding of the topics.

3. Real World Learning

Real-world learning refers to the connection that students make when they see that what they’re learning about in school is preparing them for things that exist outside of school. As your students learn about the economy, part of our history, or the life cycle of plants, a field trip that is focused on each of these subjects can help them to better understand the material. For example, a field trip to a grocery store can help them to see how it operates and the importance of a healthy economy. Visiting a museum can give them deeper insight into the part of history that you are teaching. Participating in a community garden can show them first hand what the life cycle of a plant looks like. Each of these field trips is a valuable experience that can enhance what you are teaching in the classroom.

4. Historical Awareness

One of the hardest tasks for any teacher to accomplish is that of helping their students grasp the excitement and compelling nature of historical events. No matter how well written or illustrated a textbook is, it just cannot convey the true depth of many of the historical events that students learn about in school. School field trips are able to bridge this gap so that your students can develop a better appreciation of how historical events impact the world in which they live.

Sonshine Educational Tours can help by providing the guided field trip your students need to a number of historically-rich locations, including Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, and Boston. Whether you’re interested in booking a school field trip to one of these locations or another location, we can help. Simply let us know where your desired destination is so that we can get started planning the right trip for your students.

Contact Sonshine Educational Tours today to learn about the various trips that we offer, and learn how we manage the details so that your school field trip is easier than ever before. Be sure to have the dates of your travel ready to go so that we can reserve your trip before those dates are booked. We look forward to helping you provide your students with a great educational field trip.