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A Teacher’s Guide to Educational Travel

Teaching is a very rewarding profession, and when you have the opportunity to take your class on an educational field trip, then it’s even better. Sometimes educational travel offers the opportunity to see your students get excited about learning that you didn’t get to witness in the classroom. If you’ve ever considered the option of […]

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Discover South Florida

While South Florida is known for its gorgeous beaches and electric nightlife, there are many wonderful educational opportunities to take advantage of and enrich your students’ education. If you are a teacher who is looking for class trip ideas, then consider planning an educational field trip with Sonshine Educational Tours to South Florida this year. […]

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Why are Field Trips Valuable?

Field trips used to be a commonplace occurrence in schools across the nation. Sadly, with the current obsession with raising scores on standardized testing, educational budget cuts, and an increased focus on technological literacy, teachers have very little time and financial resources to make field trips a viable part of their students’ education. At Sonshine […]

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