Space Center

Kennedy Space Center Tour

Space Shuttle Explorer

Explore America’s space program, including the sites where the Space Shuttle is prepared for launch, the launch pad, the Apollo / Saturn V Center, and more. Visit Exploration Station and participate in hands-on science activities. Have lunch with one of NASA’s astronauts and ask questions about living in space.

At the Astronaut Hall of Fame, see exhibits dedicated to our nation’s astronauts, and ride realistic astronaut training simulators. Visit the recently added Shuttle Launch Experience, a journey where you experience all the sights, sounds, and sensations of a Space Shuttle launch.

Recommended Activities: Lunch with an Astronaut, Astronaut Memorial, Shuttle Mock-up, Exploration Station, Astronaunt Hall of Fame, IMAX Movies-“Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon 3-D” or “Hubble 3-D”, Bus tour to the Saturn V Rocket Center, Shuttle Launch Experience and the Rocket Garden.

Available Tour Packages Include: Single-day or Multi-day packages include round-trip transportation by deluxe motor coach, tour escort, all admission fees, detailed activities at the site, and accommodations at nationally recognized hotels. Multi-day trips can be combined with St. Augustine or Central Florida Theme Park.

Sunshine State Standards

Sonshine Educational Tours to the Kennedy Space Center & the Astronaut Hall of Fame include interdisciplinary learning activities and experiencces that align with Florida’s Sunshine State Standards, including the following:

Science (SC.C.2.3.7) The student knows that gravity is a universal force that every mass exerts on every other mass.

Science (SC.E.1.3.1) The student understands the vast size of our Solar System and the relationship of the planets and their satellites.

Science (SC.E.1.3.3) The student understands that our sun is one of many stars in our galaxy.

Tour Packages Include

Single -day or multi-day packages include round-trip transportation by deluxe motor coach, tour escort, all admission fees to attractions, detailed activities and itineraries, all meals, and accommodations at nationally recognized hotels.

Teachers are complimentary based on ratio chosen by school

Customized Itineraries can also include:

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