Students on a SeaWorld field trip

Killer Whales

SeaWorld Orlando takes you below the surface, above the waves, and beyond your expectations with more than 200 acres of up-close animal encounters, thrilling rides, and wolrd-class shows. Exhilarating rides such as “Kraken®” and “Journey to Atlantis®” twist, turn, and drench you with unprecedented thrills, while amazing animal encounters include killer whales, dolphins, sea lions, sharks, and more.

SeaWorld’s “Blue Horizons®” is a theatrical spectacular that unites sea and sky with visions of Broadway and features majestic animals, spirited performers, and exotic birds. Experience “Believe,” the most ambitious killer whale show in the park’s history. Showcasing SeaWorld’s majestic killer whales with awe-inspiring choreography, “Believe” also features an elaborate three-story set, original musical score and panoramic LED screens.


Educational Courses at SeaWorld (all grades)

Sonshine Educational Tours can arrange the ultimate educational field trip for your students. SeaWorld instructors will guide your class for either a one-hour or five-hour course that includes visits to either their animal attractions or behind-the-scenes areas. Each program includes age-appropriate activities that are themed to their most popular subjects, including conservation, training, and careers.

Animal Sleepovers at SeaWorld (Grades 3-12)

Imagine your students spending the night within sight of Killer Whales or the Penguins. Other venues include Dolphins, Manatees and Beluga Whales. It will be a night your students will never forget. Each sleepover contains age-appropriate educational content, standards-based activities, and even animal encounters; plus a pizza snack, continental breakfast, and, of course, sleeping at SeaWorld next to one of our animal exhibits.

Soundwaves, SeaWorld Orlando Performance Program

Feel the excitement as your students give the most memorable performances of their careers. Whether marching past Shamu® Stadium or performing at the Waterfront, SeaWorld offers some of the most unique venues in the world. Your group will have the opportunity to entertain thousands of guests during an experience they won’t soon forget.


Aquatica, a whimsical, one-of-a-kind waterpark — only in Orlando, and only from SeaWorld. Where rivers range from relaxing to racing. And slides slides spin and soak — including two through a lagoon of playful, black and white Commerson’s dolphins. It’s where serene-to-extreme waters fill double wave pools, sun and shade cover the beach, and fun is as endless as the sea.

Add a day to play at SeaWorld and/or Aquatica with any of the the above suggested activities.
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Tour Packages Include

Single -day or multi-day packages include round-trip transportation by deluxe motor coach, tour escort, all admission fees to attractions, detailed activities and itineraries, all meals, and accommodations at nationally recognized hotels.

Teachers are complimentary based on ratio chosen by school

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