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Revere Home: Statue of Paul Revere

Paul Revere

During the spring of 1775 tension was rising between the British and the 13 American Colonies. To warn of the approach of the British it had been arranged to hang either one or two lanterns in the bell tower of Christ Church. One if by land and two if by sea.

Paul Revere was instructed by Dr. Joseph Warren to ride to Lexington, Massachusetts to warn Samuel Adams and John Hancock that the British were seeking to arrest them.

Boston Field Trip: Paul Revere's House

Paul Revere's House

Paul Revere along with William Dawes and Dr. Samuel Prescott were soon arrested by the British. Prescott and Dawes soon escaped. Revere was held for a time and then released.

This midnight run forever earned Paul Revere a place in American History sealing him as an American icon and Patriot.

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