Jungle Island

Jungle Island Trip - Macaw Parrot

Macaw Parrot

Sonshine Educational Tours can arrange for your students to experience Jungle Island, which features exciting shows and exhibits, including a parrot show, playful baby apes, flamingos, and so much more amidst a lush tropical jungle. It is the home of over 1,100 tropical birds and numerous varieties of plants and flowers.

Packages include motor coach transportation, admission and lunch.

Sunshine State Standards

Sonshine Educational Tours trips to Jungle Island include interdisciplinary learning activities and experiences that align with Florida’s Sunshine State Standards, including the following:

Science (SC.F.2.3.4) The student knows that the fossil record provides evidence that changes in the kinds of plants and animals in the environment have been occurring over time.

Science (SC.H.3.3.2) The student knows that special care must be taken in using animals in scientific research.

Science (SC.G.1.3.3) The student understands that the classification of living things is based on a given set of criteria and is a tool for understanding biodiversity and interrelationships.

Reptile Giants Show - Yellow Anaconda

Yellow Anaconda at the Reptile Giants Show

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