The Godspeed is a colonial ship which first brought pilgrims to Jamestown

The Godspeed

Sonshine Christian Tours is ready to take your students on an adventure to Jamestown. Founded on May 14, 1607 Jamestown is regarded as the first permanent English settlement and the birth place of democracy in what is now the United States.

Inside a Powhatan indian hut

Animals skins inside a Powhatan hut

Suggested Activities

Your guided grade level appropriate tour of Jamestown includes the re-creation of the Powhatan Indian Village, recreation of the original colonial Fort, replicas of the three ships that brought the original English colonists in 1607 and time in the new museum with trained Jamestown educators.

Jamestown Villiage Tour

Jamestown Villiage

Jamestown is usually combined with visits to Colonial Williamsburg and can include Yorktown, Busch Gardens (seasonal), Monticello, Luray Caverns and Washington DC.