Teaching History Through Experience

Washington, DC is vibrant and alive with history. It has seen multiple wars, protests, riots, and has been the target of terrorist threats. A historic Washington, DC tour teaches you about our nation’s beginnings, growth, and present function. From elementary age through adulthood, people of all ages have a fun time and learn a great deal about the people and places that have led to the freedoms that we know and enjoy today. Sonshine Educational Tours specialize in student travel to Washington, DC. They have their own professional Washington, DC tour guides on staff. Their guides are knowledgeable about each location visited on your journey through the nation’s capital.


All-inclusive DC Field Trip

Sonshine Tours have been serving schools and other organizations with professional transportation and guided tour services in Washington, DC for over 25 years. They provide you and your group with comfortable hotel accommodations, safe transportation, quality dining, and a meaningful guided tour of Washington, DC. Guests are able to visit historic sites and see government in action. Civic, Social Studies, and History students are able to take their classroom curriculum to the next level by seeing historic buildings, monuments, and museums that make these subjects real. When a student looks out over Arlington National Cemetery, they grasp the reality of sacrifice. As they gaze at the White House and the U.S. Capitol, they imagine all of the powerful men that walked through their doors. A Historic tour of Washington, DC is an experience of a lifetime.


Make Your Washington, DC Tour an Amazing Trip

Sonshine Tours make your Washington, DC historic tour a meaningful experience. They provide fun facts, relevant information, and colorful stories about each landmark, monument, and the many other wonderful sites located in Washington, DC. It is hard to believe that Washington, DC has been through both the Civil War and the Civil Rights movement. It is now home to the Martin Luther King Jr Monument, the first monument to remember a non-president and man of color. Washington, DC truly makes learning a memorable experience that educates, entertains, and enlightens its visitors. Contact Sonshine Tours today for a Historic Washington, DC Tour quote. Please call (800) 247-2590.

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