High School Students Benefit From Field Trips

Field trips have long been a staple of the American classroom. Whether the trip is to the local museum that is just 30 minutes away, or a national monument or landmark halfway across the country, field trips provide more than just educational value for the students who participate in them. Sonshine Educational Tours knows just how much work is involved in planning and executing a field trip. Call us today to take care of the hard part while you enjoy the trip with your students. Continue reading to learn some of the benefits your high school students can glean from these types of trips.

Academic and Social Growth

Studies have shown that students who participate in field trips improve their scores in that same academic field. For example, if the trip was focused on an aspect of history, those students did better on their history test. Part of the reason for this is the invaluable hands-on learning that takes place during field trips which makes learning various concepts much more memorable for students. Socially, students learn to become more empathetic and tolerant of others. Another example is taking students to an art museum has shown to increase their tolerance and critical thinking skills because taking time to study the art allowed students to have the opportunity to think about a topic from a different perspective.

Information Retention

Some students can read a chapter in a textbook or a novel and retain a large portion of the information that the ingested. This method, however, does not work for the vast majority of students. The physical act of being in a place, hearing the accompanying sounds, and seeing not only the factual information on plaques, but the replicas of uniforms, preserved gravestones, or antiquated airplanes, and defunct forts, create a much deeper impact in the minds of the students. They are able to retain much more information and recall it with more accuracy than they are through the traditional education methods of reading and testing.

Historical Empathy and Tolerance

Ask students to look at a picture of Jews imprisoned by the Nazis in a ghetto during WWII and you might elicit a bit more confusion than empathy from them. It is hard for students to be able to put themselves into the shoes of a peer who is the opposite of them, let alone the shoes of people who lived and died more than 50 years ago. However, take those same students to a history museum where they are immersed in pictures, videos, and clothing items that have been preserved from that time and place, and you will find a dramatic increase not only in their understanding, but also in their empathy. Tolerance comes into play as students learn that when they discover others with differing opinions from their own, they are capable of listening and even understanding, without being bothered by the difference in opinions. 

Educational travel is vital to a full and rich education for your students. Sonshine Educational Tours wants to help students explore their world while taking the logistical details off your plate. Call us today to learn about the different educational tours we offer and let us work with you to educate future generations of Americans.