Ford & Edison Homes

Edison House Tour

Thomas Edison Winter Home

Your visit to the Winter Estates of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford will be a fascinating trip. Both men spent many winters working, talking, and relaxing together.

Visit the winter get-away of Henry Ford, the man responsible for bringing the automobile to the nation. See many of the first automobiles to come off the assembly line. Visit the winter retreat and workplace of Thomas Edison, the man responsible for bringing us the electric light, the phonograph, and many other wonderful inventions.

The botanical garden supplied Edison with plant byproducts for his scientific investigations, and is incidentally one of the most complete in America, containing more than a thousand varieties of plants. The specimens include an African sausage tree and a Banyan tree, which was a gift from Harvey Firestone.

Touring the Edison House

Inside the Edison House

Recommended Activities

Day trips to the Ford & Edison Homes can be combined with a visit to the Shell Factory, Ft. Myers Imaginarium, or the Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens. Package includes round-trip transportation by deluxe motor coach, tour escort, all admission fees to sites, detailed activities and itineraries, and all meals.

Teachers are complimentary based on ratio chosen by school.

Ford Car inside Edison House

Vintage Ford Car

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