Explore Key West

Key West is a world unto itself. While the island is technically a part of the great state of Florida, and by extension, the United States, it is actually closer to Cuba at a distance of just about 90 miles. Every evening, the sunset is cause for celebration at Mallory Square, and every day is a reason to get outside and enjoy the sunshine, ocean, and culture. At Sonshine Educational Tours in Coral Springs, we understand the value of letting your students experience things first hand, rather than through the pages of a textbook. Read today’s post to learn about some of the attractions in Key West, and then call to let us help you book your next educational travel tour.

Hemingway House

Ernest Hemingway was one of America’s most honored and respected authors. This home on Key West was where he lived during the most prolific period of his writing career. Take time to explore the lush gardens and see how many cats you can count of the more than forty polydactyl cats that live on the grounds! The story is that a ship’s captain gave Hemingway a white polydactyl cat named Snowball. Hemingway then developed an obsession with this type of cat and collected more than 50. As a result, polydactyl cats are frequently called Hemingway cats.

Key West Aquarium

The aquarium is located in Mallory Square and is a popular attraction for people of all ages. You can observe alligators, jellyfish, sharks, and many other marine animals, as well as enjoy animal feeding times. The touch tank allows you the opportunity to interact with a number of beautiful sea creatures such as conchs, sea stars, sea urchins, giant hermit crabs, and horseshoe crabs. If you’re feeling brave, you can even meet with one of the aquarium guides to meet a juvenile nurse shark face to face and have the opportunity to touch it on the tail!

Southernmost Point

The Southernmost Point in the continental U.S. is marked by a massive, brightly painted buoy that is visited and photographed more than almost any other buoy. Sitting right on the southern tip of key west, it is the perfect location to take a picture with the ocean forming a beautifully tranquil background. Erected in 1983 by the City of Key West, it has withstood several hurricanes and was refurbished after Hurricane Irma in 2017. The original artist was able to do the work with the support of the City, as the concrete buoy is valued as a tourist attraction.

Truman’s Little White House

Originally constructed in 1890 as housing for naval officers, the Little White House went on to host inventors, scientists, and six American presidents. The most important usage that this house saw was during the presidency of Harry Truman. He spent 175 days of his presidential term in the Little White House as he faced the rebuilding of Europe, the Palestine question, issues of Civil Rights, and our response to the Cold War. Professional docents are available to offer fully-narrated tours that both educate and entertain.

With so many interesting historical and scientific attractions, you might have a hard time deciding which ones to visit. Let Sonshine Educational Tours in Coral Springs help you plan the perfect educational travel trip for your class this year!