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Washington DC Tours

Multi-day educational Washington DC field trips can be combined with visits to other historic Virginia destinations such as Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown & Monticello. Explore Washington DC with Sonshine Educational Tours. We have been hosting student Washingtion DC field trips for over 25 years. We have our own professional, licensed DC tour guides on staff. They are trained to take care of all your needs and to provide meaningful commentary on this unforgettable trip.

One of the many  characteristics that make our nation unique is our  system of checks and balances. Our founding fathers understood the greatest threat to personal liberty and freedom has always been a powerful government. The genius of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, James Madison, George Mason, Benjamin Franklin, Samuel Adams and many others was to divide that power into three equally powerful branches, the Executive, Legislative and Judicial. This protects the liberties of the American people.

Our goal at Sonshine is that your students will leave their DC field trip with a better understanding of our American government and a greater appreciation for the sacrifices that make our freedoms possible. Discover our nation’s capital with its majestic buildings that house the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of our government — the White House, Capitol, and Supreme Court. Visit and see the spectacular monuments to our nation’s past leaders.

Washington is where our nation commemorates the men and women who fought for the honor of their country. The nation’s greatest presidents are honored and remembered and the great museums hold our country’s most significant documents and treasures.

Teachers are complimentary based on ratio chosen by school.

Sunshine State Standards

Sonshine Educational Tours to Washington DC include interdisciplinary learning activities and experiences that align with Florida’s Sunshine State Standards, including the following:

Social Studies (SS.C.1.3.2) The student understands major ideas about why government is necessary and the purposes government should serve.

Social Studies (SS.C.1.3.3) The student understands how the legislative, executive, and judicial branches share power and responsibilities (e.g., each branch has varying degrees of legislative, executive, and judicial powers and responsibilities).

Social Studies (SS.C.1.3.4) The student knows the major parts of the federal system including the national government, state governments, and other governmental units (e.g., District of Columbia, American tribal governments, and the Virgin Islands).

Student Scavenger Hunt

To enhance the learning experience for your students download the Washington DC Sonshine Educational Tours Scavenger Hunt below. You may print as many of these as you need and it can be assembled as a little booklet. Simply print the even pages first in reverse order and then turn over and print the odd pages in the correct order and staple as a booklet.

Why Choose Sonshine Tours?

Washington D.C. Tour Guide GuildSonshine Educational Tours features licensed Washington DC Field Trips guides and is a member of the Guild of Professional Tour Guides of Washington DC.

Here at Sonshine Educational Tours, we take pride in getting to know each of these great destinations intimately, so that we can help you and your group to have such a good time you’ll want to come back to travel with us again and again!

We are able to do this because of the relationships that we have built up over time, and it is our pleasure to use this ability to serve groups of all types and sizes, so if you need more information or to receive a catalog, be sure to click here or above to contact us!

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