Student Education

Abraham Lincoln

Experiencing Failure is Key to Experience Success

We are to provide challenging experiences, both from within and outside the classroom, especially since adulthood does not exist in the classroom, unless you choose the field of academia.

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Sustained Learning Yields Great Options for Your Staff and Students

In the fast-paced, immediate-gratification environment we live in today, it becomes more and more challenging to set aside time to “indulge’ ourselves in sustained thinking. Sustained thinking is time set aside, with limited distractions, in order to properly attain the best available solutions to issues we face throughout our careers. In his book Focus: The Future […]

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Next Generation of Storytellers

Storytelling is a talent that can be developed anyone. However, those who have the most varied experiences, both at home and abroad, are the ones who find it easy to participate and contribute in any conversation.

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Why are Field Trips Valuable?

Field trips used to be a commonplace occurrence in schools across the nation. Sadly, with the current obsession with raising scores on standardized testing, educational budget cuts, and an increased focus on technological literacy, teachers have very little time and financial resources to make field trips a viable part of their students’ education. At Sonshine […]

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