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Welcome to Sonshine Educational Tours! We’re glad that you’ve found us. We will share lists, tips, guides, and advice that will help you plan your school’s educational field trip. No matter what state you are traveling to, or what events you want to experience, we are here to help all of the details flow smoothly. Make sure to check back often to learn some of the benefits of educational travel, as well as how to choose the right destination. We will share the knowledge we have gained from our experience in this industry to help you with your plans! Call today to see where educational travel can take you!

Why College Tours Are Important

As we head into the spring, many college juniors and seniors are contemplating which college they want to attend in the fall. Touring colleges is important for a number of reasons, and you can be a big help as their teacher. Continue reading to learn some of the items that play a crucial role in […]

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More to Explore in Key West

Visiting Key West during the winter months is enjoyable due to the lower humidity, ocean breezes, and balmy temperatures. Give yourself and your students a chance to escape the winter doldrums by planning your educational student tour now. Sonshine Educational Tours is proud to offer a wide variety of excursions to meet all of your […]

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Explore Key West

Key West is a world unto itself. While the island is technically a part of the great state of Florida, and by extension, the United States, it is actually closer to Cuba at a distance of just about 90 miles. Every evening, the sunset is cause for celebration at Mallory Square, and every day is […]

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High School Students Benefit From Field Trips

Field trips have long been a staple of the American classroom. Whether the trip is to the local museum that is just 30 minutes away, or a national monument or landmark halfway across the country, field trips provide more than just educational value for the students who participate in them. Sonshine Educational Tours knows just […]

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