Bring History to Life — Visit D.C.!

For some students, your history class is the highlight of their school day, but not every student feels this way. If you have ever asked yourself how you can make history come alive for all of the students in your class, then we have the answer — take an educational field trip to our nation’s capital.

When you travel with Sonshine Educational Tours, we take care of all of the details involved with planning this type of student travel so that you can enjoy the educational aspect of the trip along with your students. Help bring history to life for your students and plan a school field trip to D.C. this year! Continue reading to learn about some of the highlights that you can look forward to when you travel with Sonshine Educational Tours.

1. Capitol Hill

As the iconic symbol for the center of our democracy, no school field trip to D.C. would be complete without a visit to Capitol Hill. When you schedule a tour, your students will have the opportunity to meet U.S. Senators, Members of Congress, and even have a staff-led tour of the monument itself.

2. Library of Congress

There are barely words to describe the majestic atmosphere inside the Library of Congress. One of the most unique features that your students are sure to enjoy is the underground passage from Capitol Hill to the Library of Congress.

Encourage your students to look for one of the last three surviving Gutenberg hand-printed Bibles, a draft of the Declaration of Independence by Jefferson, and numerous galleries filled with a wide variety of exhibits.

3. Smithsonian Museums

The Smithsonian Museums are famous for the number of different learning opportunities that can be found within each location. The Smithsonian is made up of a total of 19 different museums, which each focus on a different aspect of America’s history.

4. Supreme Court

You and your students can tour the first two floors of the Supreme Court, which is the highest federal court in the entire country. If learning about the role of the judicial branch wasn’t exciting for your students during class time, then they should be prepared for a completely different experience as they walk the halls in the very building where history-making decisions are made.

5. Arlington National Cemetery

While there are numerous locations around the U.S. that honor our military veterans, there is none quite as awe-inspiring and humbling as Arlington National Cemetery. It is best known for housing The Tomb of the Unknowns. Be sure to check the schedule for the changing of the guards, as this is one experience you won’t want your students to miss.

6. Smithsonian’s National Zoo & Conservation Biology Institute

There are nearly 2,000 different types of animals that live at the National Zoo. From pandas and gorillas to elephants and cheetahs, your students will be able to watch as zoo staff feed the animals and host demonstrations of some of the unique features of these animals.

7. The International Spy Museum

For many of your students, the highlight of their educational field trip is sure to be their visit to The International Spy Museum. From a KGB poison dart umbrella and movie props from the James Bond films to many other disguised cameras and weapons, there will be many thrilling exhibits for them to explore. Take advantage of their expanded interactive exhibits that display never-before-seen artifacts!

8. The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

Depending on the time of year that your school field trip occurs, The Kennedy Center could be hosting any number of musical and theatrical performances. It is most famous for housing the National Symphony Orchestra and the Washington National Opera.

9. Newseum

Help your students understand the role that news has played in the formation of their country and the world when you stop to visit the Newseum. This museum is where your class can view newspapers from the revolutionary war, view a piece of the Berlin Wall, and participate in some of the educational programs offered by the museum.

10. Ford’s Theater and Petersen House

You will want to make sure to schedule a tour for your educational field trip to both Ford’s theater and the Peterson House. Your students can look forward to viewing exhibits and participating in discussions that cover the place where President Lincoln was assassinated, and the place where he took his last breath.

11. Mt. Vernon

A trip to Mt. Vernon offers a unique view into what life was like in the home of George Washington on an 18th-century plantation. You can schedule a guided tour for your school field trip or simply walk the grounds on your own. Don’t forget to visit his unique circular barn!

12. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum is unique in the types of exhibits that you can view. From historical artifacts and film footage to photographs and interviews with survivors, this is one visit that will make a deep impact on your students.

14. The National Mall

The National Mall features some of the most iconic monuments and memorials of American leaders and historical events. Take time to walk to the Lincoln Memorial, visit the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall, and view the statues and murals in the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial.

15. National Archives

The National Archives is where your students can see carefully preserved documents that were critical to the formation of our country, including the Emancipation Proclamation, the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and the Constitution of the United States.

At Sonshine Educational Tours, we know that there is no substitute for hands-on experience, which is why we are happy to partner with you to create the ideal school field trip for your class. If you are a history teacher, then call and schedule an educational field trip to Washington D.C. for your students! Make history come alive and plan your tour with Sonshine Educational Tours today.